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Please note that I am not qualified in any aspect of natural history - there will therefore be occasional (or, apparently, in the case of the hoverflies, a lot of) errors.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Volucella inanis


9th September 2008 - A fairly spectacular hoverfly landed briefly in the garden at Frog End while Helen and I were out there. It turned out to be Volucella inanis. Sadly I didn't get a photo so although it took my total up to 52 species I only have photos of 51 of them.
The photo is by Ray Hamblett


  1. Hello

    It would be very interesting to have full details of your record of Volucella inanis for the Hoverfly Recording Scheme - if it is from the Wirral then it is especially interesting.

    See and go to maps


    Roger Morris

  2. Regrettably - from the recording point of view - it was in South Devon. SX 951 937


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