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The postings will be introductions to each of my life lists. The lists themselves will appear in the side margin. I shall do some postings about particular localities and there will also be postings to provide updates every time I add a new species.
Please note that I am not qualified in any aspect of natural history - there will therefore be occasional (or, apparently, in the case of the hoverflies, a lot of) errors.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


I have seen five of the six reptiles found on the mainland of Britain – the missing species being the Smooth Snake. The only photo I have of a Grass Snake is one swimming the pond at Wast Hills near Birmingham but I have seen quite a few that were too quick to photograph. Apart from seeing a couple of Adders I was fortunate enough to get photos of a large one basking in the Wyre Forest.
I’ve got plenty of photos of Viviparous Lizards in various locations and a couple of a Sand Lizard at Formby. I've also seen Sand Lizards at Ainsdale. Last year I added a Slow Worm to my list when we saw some baby ones in Helen and Ian’s garden. This year the adult Slow Worm was kind enough to bask in the garden on many days, despite it not really being basking weather.

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