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Friday, 19 September 2008

British Butterflies

There are 58 species of Butterfly which breed on the British mainland (Real’s Wood White occurs only in Ireland) of which one is a re-introduction from the continent after having become extinct - the Large Blue. There are also a number of occasional vagrant and exotic species, some of the latter simply being escapes from captivity. Of these 58 I have seen 39 species in the wild and two more in captivity.

I have photos of nearly all of them – the exceptions being the Small Blue (seen near Grange-in-Borrowdale in the 1960s) and the White Admiral (Forest of Dean 1990s).,
It is a long time since I added a species – the last being the Scotch Argus when on Skye in the 1990s. It is about time I saw a new one!

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