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The postings will be introductions to each of my life lists. The lists themselves will appear in the side margin. I shall do some postings about particular localities and there will also be postings to provide updates every time I add a new species.
Please note that I am not qualified in any aspect of natural history - there will therefore be occasional (or, apparently, in the case of the hoverflies, a lot of) errors.

Thursday, 11 September 2008


When Helen and I sat down to work out our list of British mammals seen in the wild I assumed it would be a quick job and a short list. In practice it turned out to be a much longer list than I had anticipated. It is also complicated by wanting to add those species seen in captivity (something I haven't done with the British birds list but might at some stage).
The list is now done and stands at 28 species / subspecies in the wild with another 8 in captivity.

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