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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Dragonflies and Damselflies


The number of species of dragonflies and damselflies that I have seen has only had one addition in recent years – Keeled Skimmers near Llithfaen on the Lleyn Peninsula in July 2003. However, I am constantly improving the photos that I have taken of the various species.

Even in Helen’s garden in September this year I got better photos of Migrant Hawker and Golden-ringed Dragonfly than I had previously taken.

So far only one species has ventured into the garden (and the house!) at The Willows - the Southern Hawker. But I live in hope.

The list currently stands at 7 species of damselfly and 13 species of dragonfly (with the addition of Highland Darter – a subspecies of the Common Darter - taking it to 14). I have also seen an Emerald dragonfly but I don't know which species.

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