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Monday, 14 September 2009

The Great Yellow Bumble Bee - perhaps!

This bee appeared in the garden the other day. For a moment I thought it was a Carder Bee but then I realised it looked quite different. Much brighter and bigger. I think, repeat, think, it is Bombus distinguendus, the Great Yellow Bumble Bee. But I wouldn't bet on it. Comments welcome!

P.. S. (If anyone commenting is well qualified to say what it is can they please indicate their qualifications.  Not that I am 'knocking' those who have commented so far like Louise and Anon - all comments welcome!)


  1. That is a rather large bee!

  2. Lovely bee, but one of the carders, probably a very fresh queen from your description. The the Great Yellow Bumblebee is distinguished by having a dark/black band of hair on the thorax, between the wing bases.

  3. Dear CJE,
    I think it's a yellow bumbel bee, the Bombus distinguendus. I saw one today in my garden.

    great link for wild bees and bumble bees:

  4. I think it is most definately a carder most probably a queen Bombus pascuorum. B.distinguendus has a black band across its thorax.


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